About Us

Mission Statement

The Council of Volunteer Administrators of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. (COVA)is dedicated to advancing the professional management of volunteer services.


COVA is a nonprofit organization that provides an accessible forum of networking, knowledge sharing, collaboration and leadership skill development opportunities.COVA membership is comprised of Volunteer Administrators (Managers, Coordinators, etc.), Executive Directors, volunteers who lead volunteers, students interested in the profession, consultants, trainers, job seekers and community leaders.

We stand engaged with everyone in the fight for a just and equitable society. The COVA Board wishes to thank you for your hard work and commitment to serving your volunteers and the community. As a member based organization we draw strength from our diversity and strive to build an inclusive culture. We commit to actively seeking out people as speakers, board members and members with different voices, perspectives, and backgrounds and then listening to them, connecting with them, and working with them to build change.

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